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The Ultimate Roadmap to Thrilling Travel CNA Jobs!

You finally did it! You took your Nursing Assistant course and passed with flying colors! Now you’re searching for Travel CNA Jobs, and not finding anything worth taking. In this blog, we will highlight some of the creative ways CNAs are traveling around the country...

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Life of an RN: A Rewarding Journey Worth Pursuing

Are you passionate about helping others or looking for a career that offers both challenges and rewards? Have you ever considered becoming a Registered Nurse (RN)? In this blog post, we will explore the exciting world of being an RN, including the job...

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PRN Explained: 6 Things You Need Know About Per Diem Staffing

What does PRN mean? First things first – let's decode the abbreviation. "PRN" stands for "pro re nata," a Latin phrase meaning "as needed" or "as the situation arises." In the healthcare industry, working Per Diem refers to a type of employment arrangement where...

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5 Fun Things to Do in Nebraska for PRN & Travel Staff

Are you a healthcare professional working a travel assignment, or maybe working PRN shifts when you can? Nebraska might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of exciting urban adventures. But let me tell you, this Midwestern gem has plenty to offer!...

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