The Ultimate Checklist: Choosing the Best Travel Nurse Agency for You

Jan 9, 2024

Finding the best travel nurse agency can be like finding the perfect travel buddy – it can make all the difference between an amazing adventure and a frustrating nightmare. So, grab your metaphorical backpack, and let’s set off on a journey to find the best travel nurse agency for you!

Tips For Researching Different Travel Nurse Agencies

Every agency is different, and each one will have something that stands out. For example, travel nurse agencies like Cascade Health Services have a whole team of dedicated professionals to assist you in all things HR, payroll, and contracts. So you never have to worry about getting paid on time or finding your next gig.

Know Yourself

Before you can find the best travel nurse agency, you have to know what you want, and what you have to offer. Do you want an agency that helps do some of the busy work for you? Do you want an agency that is constantly sending you new contracts, or one that helps find the perfect contract for you?

Another thing to consider is what specialties you have, or which ones you want to get so you have more opportunities to travel. Just remember, not every state has the same needs, and just because a certain specialty is in high demand in one state doesn’t mean it will be in high demand somewhere else.

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Know What Makes a Travel Nurse Agency The Best

Pay and Benefits

We all want to gravitate towards the highest possible pay but also keep in mind that sometimes lower pay can mean better benefits. If you need insurance, for example, you may make less money than someone who opts out, but getting insurance through an employer is often cheaper than buying it on your own. Make sure you know what you are getting with each job and know the difference between pay and benefits.

Job Variety and Locations

Make sure that the agency has or is going to have a lot of contracts available to you in your specialty, and in the locations you want to work in. Keep in mind, you can get contracts in your home town, or work PRN if you need a break from the road for a few months or to make extra money in your free time.

Do you have multiple certifications? See if they can offer you different contracts for all of them. This will widen the amount of jobs you are considered for, and help your recruiter get you the most money possible.

Pro tip: If you sign up for a travel nurse newsletter you can get personalized recommendations for your next travel assignment.

Communication and Support

Nurse talking to a travel nurse agency

Travel nurse agencies that have your back are the key to success when you’re working on the road. Find an agency that brings you contracts, gets you paid on time, and handles any HR-related issues promptly, so you can focus on your work and adventures.

Bonus tip: Ask a lot of questions. Recruiters are used to having to answer questions related to your contract, so don’t be afraid to get clarification if you need it.

You Found the Best Travel Nurse Agency, Now what?

Once you find the travel nurse agency that checks your boxes, it’s time to apply. Read through the job description of the positions you want to apply for and tailor your resume to meet the criteria of the job requirements. 

so, you have your resume submitted and have an interview scheduled, do a little research on the company and position that way you’re ready to answer any job-specific questions.

Remember, it’s always important to do your own research. Make sure you call the travel nurse agency and talk to multiple people and departments before you make any decisions. 

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