Travel Nurse Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Mar 8, 2024

The world of travel nursing is an exciting rollercoaster ride. It offers freedom, flexibility, and the chance to explore new places while using your nursing skills. But before you pack your stethoscope and hit the road, you probably have a ton of questions. No worries, that’s what this blog is for!

Can You Be a Travel Nurse in Your Own City?

Yes! Travel agencies like Cascade Health Services have local and travel contracts available! Keep in mind you may miss out on some of the per diem that you would receive to find housing. However, it is still an extremely lucrative way to make more money as a nurse.

Do Travel Nurses Get Free Housing?

Travel nurses usually have to find their own housing. However, some contracts come with per diem to help pay for living expenses, like housing.

How do Travel Nurses Find Housing?

There are a lot of great resources to find the right place to stay during your assignment, but some of the most popular places are extended-stay hotels, Airbnb, and Furnished Finder. Keep your eye on traveling nurse groups for posts from people looking for roommates to split rent with, or for people with extra rooms available!

How Much Do Traveling Nurses Pay For Rent?

Rent will vary depending on the location you are going to stay in. Keep in mind that short-term leases usually cost more than if you signed a year-long lease, so make sure you have a clear understanding of your rent for a shorter time.

Rent will also vary depending on which type of housing you decide to stay in. Renting an extra room is oftentimes the cheapest option, but it comes with the negatives of sharing a temporary space with more permanent residents. A lot of travel nurses gravitate towards Furnished Finder and extended-stay hotels.

Furnished travel nurse apartment

Which Travel Nursing Specialties Are in Demand?

ICU nurses are the most in-demand nurse specialty in 2024, however, telemetry, OR, and Med Surg are also extremely popular. Check out our blog about the most in-demand nurse specialties.

Can LPNs be Travel Nurses?

LPNs can travel too! Most contracts will require at least a year of experience to travel.

How Long Do Traveling Nurses Stay In One Place?

Contract lengths can vary based on facility needs but are usually between 2 to 26 weeks. Most contracts are 13 weeks long, but the opportunity to extend your contract can be available. No matter how long you are willing to stay, the odds are that you can find a contract somewhere.

Where do Travel Nurses Stay?

Depending on how far away they are from their assignment they will stay in different places. If it’s a local contract they will usually stay in their home, or at a friend’s house that is closer to their assignment.

If the nurse is going to a different state, or somewhere further away from home, they may rent a short-term lease apartment or stay in an extended-stay hotel. Check out our blog with tips and tricks for finding the perfect place to stay.

Why do Travel Nurses Make so Much?

Travel nursing means you sacrifice a lot to help patients in other places. Because of that, they get compensated well for their time. They spend a lot of time away from family, and friends. They also miss out on the feeling of being home. It is also significantly more expensive to find a short-term place to stay when you compare it to signing a year-long lease. 

What do Travel Nurses do?

Travelers go to different healthcare settings across the country or world to help facilities that need help. Facilities may request help because of higher patient demands, internal restructuring, or any reason that a facility could be down a team member. They work within the facility for a pre-determined amount of time to support them through their challenges. Depending on their specialty and facility type their job will change with each contract. Nurses like traveling because it keeps the job exciting and new.

How Does Travel Nursing Work?

Nurses apply for a travel nurse agency, and a travel nurse recruiter will reach out to them to help find the best options for them. You can also check travel nurse job boards to see a list of contracts available, and then reach out when you know what job you want.

After you find the contract you want, you’ll have to apply and interview for it. You’ll learn more about your specific role, pay, and ultimately make the decision if it’s the right fit for you.

How Long Does it Take to Become a Travel Nurse?

Besides a nursing degree, most contracts require a year or more experience to be considered for the role. This is mostly to make sure you are completely comfortable with your job before you get thrown into a new environment for the first time. Once you meet the requirements it doesn’t take more time to get a job traveling than it does to get a normal nursing position.

How do You Become a Travel Nurse?

You can work in this field the same way you get any other job, you just have to meet the job requirements, and apply! After that, a recruiter will reach out to you and help you find the best fit!

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