W-2 Staff Offers Superior Reliability And Builds a Higher-Quality Healthcare Workforce

Feb 27, 2024

As a W-2 healthcare staffing agency, we believe building a workforce on stability, expertise, and consistency is key to providing exceptional patient care. Because of recent rulings from the Department of Labor healthcare facilities are being faced with a deadline to make the switch back to W-2 staff. Here’s a quick guide on why we stand behind the W-2 model and how it stands apart from the 1099 approach.

W-2 Staff is More Reliable

  1. Commitment: W-2 staff demonstrate stronger commitment due to their employee status. This leads to lower turnover, ensuring your facility has a reliable pool of staff to consistently cover shifts.
  2. Predictability: W-2 healthcare workers are part of your extended team. This means you can better predict staffing levels, plan effectively, and build rapport with individuals who are invested in your facility’s success.
  3. Reduced No-Shows: Since W-2 staff are obligated to the agency, they are significantly less likely to have last-minute absences or no-shows, guaranteeing dependable coverage.

Quality and Consistency of Care

  1. W2 Agencies Have Standards: W-2 employees undergo our rigorous onboarding process. This ensures they uphold the highest standards of practice, aligning seamlessly with your facility’s policies and procedures. Cascade Health Services is audited by The Joint Commission which ensures all processes are being followed while onboarding each employee.
  2. Accountability: W-2 staff are held accountable by the agency they work for. We personally manage their performance and provide ongoing support. Which promotes consistent patient care.
  3. Facility Familiarity: W-2 staff integrated into your team become familiar with your facility’s unique needs and how to best operate within your workflows, which enhances patient outcomes.
  4. Attracting Talent: The benefits package offered to W-2 employees – including health insurance, paid time off, and retirement plans – helps draw in top-tier healthcare professionals. This gives you access to a dedicated and highly skilled workforce.

W-2 Agency Compliance

  1. Avoiding Misclassification: The W-2 model provides peace of mind, as you’re protected from potential misclassification issues that can arise with 1099 staffing. Our commitment to compliance ensures you avoid fines and legal complications.
  2. Partnership Focus: As a W-2 healthcare staffing agency, we are truly your partner. We handle payroll taxes, benefits administration, and all employment-related complexities, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional patient care.
  3. Credentialing: W-2 agencies spend a lot of time helping employees update and retain various credentials. They are also experts in tracking them and will always have them ready for your facility.
  4. Liability: 1099 contractors are supposed to carry their own insurance. However, there is no guarantee that they actually do. When you partner with a W-2 agency like Cascade you know that all of their employees are covered by insurance.

Embrace The W-2 Advantage

W-2 staff member helping a patient

While the 1099 model might offer some perceived flexibility, we believe the W-2 model delivers the reliability, quality, and peace of mind essential for outstanding healthcare provision. By choosing a W-2 healthcare staffing agency, you’re investing in a workforce committed to your facility’s success and the well-being of your patients.

1099 agencies don’t offer any kind of support to their contractors, often leaving them out to dry when their credentials expire, or wondering when they will receive pay for shifts they have already worked. Since 1099 healthcare workers don’t report to HR there is nothing your facility or the agency they are contracted under can do when you have a complaint about the individual. By partnering with a W-2 agency, you know that your complaints are being addressed with each employee in a timely professional manner.

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