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12 State Parks Every Travel Nurse Should Visit

Picture this: You just left your shift as a travel nurse and have three days off to explore your new area. Colorful mountains, crystal clear lakes, and wildlife like you've never experienced before. There are lots of state parks in each state that travel nurses flock...

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Adapting to New Work Environments as a Travel Nurse

The allure of travel nursing is undeniable: adventure, new cities, and the chance to make a difference in diverse healthcare settings. But let's be honest, constantly adapting to new work environments can be a challenge.  Let's explore tips for getting oriented,...

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PRN Agency Apps Are Helping Fight Nurse Shortages

The American Nurses Association reports a projected 194,500 average annual openings for nurses by 2030. Hospitals, rehabilitation, and long-term care facilities have always relied on PRN staffing agencies to come to the rescue to provide additional nurses when they’re...

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How Do Benefits Attract And Retain Top Healthcare Talent?

Retaining valuable employees amidst a critical staffing shortage can be a daunting task. While competitive salaries are crucial, one often overlooked aspect plays a significant role in keeping your team happy and engaged – benefits. Offering a robust benefits package...

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Finding The Best Housing for Travel Nurses

Finding the right housing for travel nurses can feel daunting. There's a lot to consider when you're looking for short-term housing in a new area. You want it to be safe but also want to know that you can have fun in between shifts. From fully furnished apartments to...

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